Easy Italia service is currently unavailable.

For emergencies you can call the following 24-hours telephone numbers:

  • 112 for any emergency service
  • 118 Ambulance/Medical Emergencies
  • 115 Fire brigade
  • 117 Financial Police
  • 1530 Coast Guard

General information for tourists

Travelling by car

Tourists travelling by car can visit the Autostrade per l’Italia (Italian Highways) website:


Break down service

In the event of a breakdown on a motorway you can call out for the ACI break down service by
dialling the toll free number 803 116 or using the SOS emergency phones placed at the side of the
road and connected to the Italian traffic police.

If you own a mobile operated by a foreign service provider you can call the following toll free
number 800.116.800; for further information you can download the file “Driving in Italy” (available
in several languages) at:


For the latest road conditions information you can dial 1518

Travelling by train

For information about times, purchasing procedures and ticket prices you can visit the websites of
the two main railway companies:


For advice and assistance you can always contact your Embassy. A list of foreign Embassies and
Consulates is available on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at:


For information on Tourism, Hospitality and travelling around Italy you can always refer to the
website: www.italia.it